Youngjae Chang

A learning animal.
Researcher & Developer.

Hi. I'm a CS graduate, wanting to research on technology with social implication. Four keywords of interest are:

  • Mobile — Mobile provides an accessible gateway to the human life.
  • Social — Build a great community, rather than technology for a sole person.
  • Realtime — Interaction is an art of the time.
  • HCI — The area of research.

Work Experience

Mobile & Backend Developer (Intern), Elice

June/2016  - present - Daejeon, KR

  • Led the design & development of the company's first mobile application.
  • Maintained development env. bootstrapping tool built upon Docker.

Previous Experiences:



  • Avocado — Family meal-planning for the Diabetes.
    MSR Design Expo   Video   Slides
  • Hangtag — BLE Hanger for the seamless shopping experience.
    Video   Slides
  • HillGt — Eavesdropping user availability using smartphone sensors.
    Video   Slides


  • HEBA — GPS-based activity-sharing social network.
    Video   Slides
  • Doflamingo — A light weight monitoring tool for Kafka.
    EXEM   Slides
  • Colorful History — Chrome history visualizer.


  • Preparing Next Mobile Explosion: a glimpse of multi-device operating system
    Paper   Slides
  • Can doodle convey an emotion? — A short HCI paper on a digital communication.
    Paper   Slides   Video
  • Undergraduate Research Project on Dialog State Tracking
    DSTC5   Paper   Poster


2017 B.Sc. in Computer Science, KAIST, Daejeon, KR

2013 Korea Science Academy, Busan, KR

Technical Skills

Python, Docker, Android, React Native, Redux, Git, LaTeX

Last updated: Feb 26, 2017